Soil Information System

Soil Compaction

Whether preparing a new field for cultivation or addressing ongoing problems, getting a clear look at soil compaction on your land will go a long way toward improving crop quality.

Using the SIS (Soil Information System), you can:

  • Precisely identify a field's compaction characteristics and identify exactly where potential soil compaction problems do and do not exist.
  • Determine the exact depth of soil compaction issues in each area of a field.
  • Characterize the severity of compacted layers.
  • Recognize what soil properties exist in the subsurface that will be mixed upward with ripping.

The SIS suite of compaction products provides growers with detailed information on the multiple dimensions of compaction, facilitating the development of effective and economical solutions to the unique compaction issues that exist in each field.

Compaction (psi) – summarizes average soil compaction over precisely delineated horizons.

Depth to root restriction (cm or inches) – identifies the shallowest depth at which a crop-specific compaction threshold is encountered.

Degree of root restriction (dimensionless) – shows the greatest degree of root restriction found at any depth within the survey.

Depth of mild, moderate, or severe root restriction (cm or inches) – identifies the greatest depth of each particular degree of root restriction and shows areas where particular degrees of compaction are not present. Use data to guide horizontal and vertical dimensions of ripping based on strategy aggressiveness and equipment specifications.


"SIS information has been crucial for our rootstock, soil amendment, and irrigation design decisions. Vineyards designed and installed using these reports and maps are much better suited to soil conditions and able to produce better quality fruit."

-Corky Roche, Owner, Roche Vineyard Consulting

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The Future of Growing

"The SIS represents the future of wine grape growing. The information provided by the SIS allows growers to maximize the productivity of their vineyards."
-Gary Patterson, General Manager
Nestor Enterprises

Plant with Confidence

"The SIS provided a complete in-depth map of our soils prior to planting a new vineyard.  The data they generated will help us manage this ranch for decades to come. I can't imagine planting another vine without using the Soil Information System."
-Steve Harrow,
Trinity Ag Services


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